Kaiserschmarr’n…oh, you don’t speak Austrian?

Actually, no one does…the official language of Austria is German (bam! knowledge!), anyway, these are Austrian Emperor’s Pancakes.

You can get the original recipe at thepassionatecook and mine here.  If you don’t have a scale, you’ll probably want to go with my version since I already converted all the grams to cups.

I want to go ahead and apologize to all of Austria, because I did not do kaiserschmarr’n justice.  First, I think my pan was  too small, I used a standard castiron skillet and the kaiserschmarr’n was far too thick and it cooked sort of funny (my code for, “I totally burned the bottom”).  Next time, I think I’ll halve the recipe, or get a pan that’s twice as large.  Also, I thought having a few lumps in the batter would be okay, but it was not.  I ended up having tons of flour pockets all throughout the kaiserchmarr’n which made for some odd eating.  I think the solution is to sift the flour, and to slowly fold it in in small batches.

My mistakes aside, the kaiserschmarr’n was still pretty delicious.  The batter is very egg-y, and because you whip the whites up, the entire pancake is really light – almost souffle-esque.  (I think a thinner pancake would be less egg-y and thus less souffle-y since it would have cooked more evenly.)  Also, I’m not a huge fan of raisins, but stewing the raisins in orange juice plumps them up nicely and they add nice sweet pops of flavor.

My favorite part of the kaiserschmarr’n was probably the zwetschkenröster (plum compote).  (Original recipe here and my converted recipe here!)  After researching a bit on the internet, it seems like you can use any fruit jam or compote, but I decided to try to keep it authentic by making my own.  This was my first adventure into jamming and jarring and I have to say I liked it.  Cooking the jam made my entire apartment smell delicious and the end product was bananas…or rather plums.  The plums liquefied in front of my eyes and then turned into a deliciously tart fruit jam.  

Also, I didn’t really jar the zwetschkenröster properly (even though it may look like it).  

Apparently if you don’t jar things correctly you can get botulism, at least that’s what my roommate told me. However, since we devoured the zwetschkenröster within 12 hours of me making it and no one’s paralyzed yet, I think we’re in the clear.  (If you do decide to jar the jam, make sure you follow instructions, I found these while I was researching jam-induced botulism.)

Stackies: I’m officially…holding off on rating these until I make them properly.

Gotta Ricotta!!

Make way folks, because these are some world-class pancakes coming through here!

These pancakes were so good. SO GOOD. Like shut the front door, turn off the lights, hide in your room with a giant plate of pancakes so that no one else can have any good.  (Get the original recipe at the Kitchn, and my version here!)  Have you ever eaten a crepe and just wished that there was slightly more crepe? Yes! I have, and these ricotta pancakes are the pancakes for me.  They’re lightly sweet, fluffy and soft, and they taste just like a thick crepe.

In fact, my only regret in making these pancakes was that I only made a half batch (a mere 4 of the best pancakes of my life).  Why a half batch you ask? Simply because I didn’t make enough ricotta for a full batch.  Make ricotta, you say? Yes, that brings me to my first brag-moment: I made ricotta and it was delicious.  I followed the basic instructions from Serious Eats, and it was the easiest, quickest cheese ever.  I don’t know if my ricotta would pass national standards, but it looked like ricotta, tasted like ricotta, and made my pancakes awesome.  Another brag-moment: for once I had the foresight to think that since I would be flavoring my pancakes with lemon zest, that I should also use lemon juice to make the ricotta instead of regular vinegar or buttermilk. Now I didn’t make a control group pancake with regular ricotta to see how much of a difference the lemon juice made, but I like to think that the lemon juice gave my pancakes a little somethin’ somethin’ extra.  (My instructions and pictures are here.)

I’m giving these pancakes 4.5 out of 5 stackies: 

Inaugural Address: A Tale of Tiramisu

Fellow citizens, I invite you to embark with me on a tantalizing tastebud tour – I will pancake where few have pancaked before…and I will tell you all about it.

What better way to kick things off than with an amazing-sounding Tiramisu Pancake! (To skip to the good stuff, my annotated recipe is here; and the original is over at The Ivory Hut.) Fair warning, that stack in the picture was just for good looks – I don’t think anyone could safely eat four of these puppies in one sitting. On the plus side, these taste great hot, at room temp, and even cold (it’s like eating an actual tiramisu).

Overall, these pancakes were bangin’, to say the least. They don’t have an overwhelming liqueur-y flavor that I sometimes have issues with when I eat real tiramisus, but you still get all of that rich creamy, coffee-y, kahlua-y goodness. Also on the plus side, they can stand up to a fair bit of recipe-shenanigans, actually a lot of shenanigans. In the making of these pancakes, I:

  1. melted/liquified the butter (instead of just using “softened” butter) so that the glaze had a really weird consistency (you’ll see in the picture) – I’m a little embarassed by this rookie mistake, but sometimes one just doesn’t have time to wait for the butter to melt or the cows to come home, but I digress
  2. overwhipped the cream (actually a sous chef error, I’m just sayin’)
  3. used actual coffee grinds instead of instant coffee
  4. did not sift the cocoa as per the original directions

It’s really a testament to these pancakes that despite all of my woops-oh-well-moments, they still turned out amazingly delicious: light (but filling), sweet (but not too sweet), and balanced (coffee-chocolate-cream-kahlua).  I was mostly impressed by how “light” these pancakes are – the batter looks super dense and I was worried the pancakes would feel like bricks in my belly, but they were definitely nice and fluffy.

I also have to give a shout-out to one of my college roommates, “A” (I’m feeling gossip girl), who happened to send me some homemade kahlua that inspired me to find a tiramisu pancake recipe in the first place. You can find her recipe here.

I’m officially giving these Tiramisu Pancakes: 3.5 out of 5 Stackies