Gotta Ricotta!!

Make way folks, because these are some world-class pancakes coming through here!

These pancakes were so good. SO GOOD. Like shut the front door, turn off the lights, hide in your room with a giant plate of pancakes so that no one else can have any good.  (Get the original recipe at the Kitchn, and my version here!)  Have you ever eaten a crepe and just wished that there was slightly more crepe? Yes! I have, and these ricotta pancakes are the pancakes for me.  They’re lightly sweet, fluffy and soft, and they taste just like a thick crepe.

In fact, my only regret in making these pancakes was that I only made a half batch (a mere 4 of the best pancakes of my life).  Why a half batch you ask? Simply because I didn’t make enough ricotta for a full batch.  Make ricotta, you say? Yes, that brings me to my first brag-moment: I made ricotta and it was delicious.  I followed the basic instructions from Serious Eats, and it was the easiest, quickest cheese ever.  I don’t know if my ricotta would pass national standards, but it looked like ricotta, tasted like ricotta, and made my pancakes awesome.  Another brag-moment: for once I had the foresight to think that since I would be flavoring my pancakes with lemon zest, that I should also use lemon juice to make the ricotta instead of regular vinegar or buttermilk. Now I didn’t make a control group pancake with regular ricotta to see how much of a difference the lemon juice made, but I like to think that the lemon juice gave my pancakes a little somethin’ somethin’ extra.  (My instructions and pictures are here.)

I’m giving these pancakes 4.5 out of 5 stackies: 

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