Crepe Expectations

My friend Jake always brags about 3 things: his chocolate chip cookies (pre-made dough), his (Costco frozen) pizzas, and his crepes, which are actually good…So you know when I decided to make crepes, I had to wheedle his recipe out of him.  Actually it wasn’t that hard and his crepes are pretty good, so here we go!

(I tried to get fancy with my crepe plating)

Crepes are one of my favorite foods, I love that they’re a little crispy around the edges, but soft in the middle (like me!).  The one thing I would change when making these would have been to make them a little thinner.  I’m not sure if I should’ve added more water to the batter or if my pan-swirling wasn’t up to par. Maybe I need to buy one of those crepe rakes. (image from  I’ve also read about people using the underside of woks to get nice thin crepes…sounds dangerous.  I guess it’s a good thing that my first crepes were a little thicker since I was nervous about flipping them, but they held together really nicely and I only ripped one.

Besides their texture, crepes are also great because of all the toppings you get to use! My roommate and I decided to keep it simple, we went with lemon, honey, strawberries, and powdered sugar…the fruit keeps the crepes healthy, right? Lemon and honey, and butter and sugar are both classic combinations, as well as: nutella, nutella + fruit, jam, ice cream, and just about anything else you can think of.  Next time I think I’ll try making buckwheat crepes with savory toppings, ham and cheese, here I come!

(parting shot!)

While I’m talking about crepes, I have to mention my 2 favorite creperies: Meli-Melo in Greenwich, CT and the Flat in Charlottesville, VA – if you’re in either of those two places and you don’t have crepes, you’re missing out!

As for these crepes: 4 out of 5 stackies!!


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