Wasted Batter aka Beer Pancakes

Ever want to make pancakes, but don’t have any milk? Well, do you have some beer in the fridge? If yes, then you should definitely try these beer pancakes. (Original recipe here). If no…well, you should probably just go to the store.

Before I made these, I was a little concerned that they would taste gross, like beer in bread form, which isn’t really appetizing to me.  Good thing I was wrong (it happens every now and then!).  The cooking pancakes smell like warm popcorn or puffed rice and they ended up having a mildly nutty flavor that tasted great with just a little bit of syrup.  Texture-wise, the pancakes were super fluffy, really moist, and basically like the inside of French toast. (Ready for my recipe already? Click here!) 

A couple notes on making these: 2 things I made sure to do were to: (1) let the beer settle, and (2) sift the dry ingredients.  You want the beer to settle because you actually want to be using 1 cup of beer and not part-beer part-foam.  I let the beer settle for only a minute or so, because I didn’t want it to go completely flat.  Sifting the dry ingredients made it easier to combine them and the beer without the beer foaming out of control.  Even with letting the beer settle for a few minutes, though, the dough was still super bubbly.

(see all the bubbles?)

Another cooking tip: I cooked these on high-medium (just a notch or two hotter than I normally use for pancakes) since the batter was on the liquid-y side and I wanted to make sure I cooked the alcohol out (sorry, you can’t actually get drunk on these).

With all this being said, these weren’t my faaaavorite pancakes, they were decent, and definitely work in a pinch, but they probably won’t be my go-to pancake anytime soon.  I wonder how much a different beer would affect these pancakes (I used Coors Light).  I’m thinking a nuttier brown ale, a blueberry beer, or even a nice oatmeal stout could make for some more interesting pancakes.

With a bonus point for innovation (I would never have thought of substituting beer for milk on my own), these are getting 3 out of 5 stackies: 


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