A Pancake sCORNed

I love corn. I LOVE CORN, but I was not lovin’ on these cornmeal pancakes.

The original recipe is for cornmeal pancakes with pine nuts, and you can find it here. In the picture from the original recipe, the pancakes are a bit bigger and seem fluffier than mine.  I have some ideas about what went wrong, but I don’t think I’ll be re-making these any time soon.

I ended up using 3/4 C milk (the original recipe says to start with 1/2 C and work your way up to the right consistency) and chopped cashews instead of pine nuts. (You can find my version, and more pictures, here).  The uncooked batter smells really good, a lot like cornbread, but it’s really really thick.  I thought that with the extra 1/4 C of milk that my pancakes would be fine (the original describes the proper consistency as spreadable but thick). I think the consistency should probably be spreadable and medium-thick – when you pick up the spatula, it should drizzle thickly, not glop* (like mine did) – 1 full cup of milk should do it.

(that’s some thick-looking batter!)

Well, because my batter was so thick, I decided to make smaller pancakes for easier in-pan management.  Cooking 1/4 C of batter at a time, I made 13 palm-sized pancakes (my palms have a 2.75” diameter).  Also, since my batter glopped into the pan, I had to press them down a lot just to make sure they cooked all the way through – I think my pressing was needed, but definitely contributed to the de-fluffing of the pancakes.

(batter glops)

The pancakes also came out very soft, as in they were just on the verge of crumbling at the edges.  The texture in the middle was nice, but a little soft and mealy around the edges. On the plus side, with a little bit of honey, that sweet corn flavor really came out.  I may experiment with a finer cornmeal or cutting the cornmeal with some regular flour so that I retain that corn flavor but get a more standard pancake texture.

I have a whole bunch of pancakes left over, so I may try to re-tool them – I’m thinking I can: (1) make a bread pudding so that it’s more corn bread-like, or (2) flatten them out a bit and try to make faux corn tortillas. What do you think?

Stackies: 1.75 out of 5 

*by my definition, a “glop” is heavier than a “plop” but not as soft as a “glob”


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