So You Think You Can Passover (these pancakes)?

In the spirit of Pesach, my roommate, C, suggested we make matzo meal pancakes.  After successfully wheedling the secret family recipe from C’s mom, I present to you, matzo meal pancakes!

These are definitely oily (hence the paper towel), but that’s part of their charm.  Actually, we made a couple of batches and the batch we made where the oil ran low was definitely not as good as the ones that had a full oil bath.  The batter smelled suspiciously like crackers, but the pancakes taste sort of like the salty version of fried dough, or the outside of a corndog…so basically delicious.  The softer (aka less fried) ones had a really strong egg flavor, now, I like eggs, so I didn’t mind, but if you don’t like egg-taste, these may not be the pancakes for you.

(they even look greasy in the pan!)

I’d never worked with matzo meal before and I was surprised when I opened the bag and it looked so crumbly.

(My first bag of matzo meal!  You might notice that the box says “not for Passover use” which basically means that it’s not kosher…honestly, what’s the point? It’s a good thing my roommate doesn’t keep kosher!!!)

(super-crumbly, right?)

The nicely-fried ones made me crave vegetables.  I tried some with applesauce which was pretty good, but I think it would’ve been better with some chopped chives.  The softer ones would’ve been really good with some sour cream and caviar – I’ll have to try it some other time!

3.75 out of 4 stackies: 


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