A Chocolatey Avocadon’t

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Isn’t this just a glorious looking avocado? I HAD to put it in my post.  Confession time: I had the hardest time making these pancakes because the whole time I just wanted to skip the pancakes and eat the avocados on their own – but by invoking my duty to pancake every week, I was able to overcome my weakness…I also went out and bought more avocados that I could eat plain.

The original recipe (at Mother Thyme) uses 2 different kinds of flour and cinnamon chips, both of which I ignored.  1. I was too lazy to go get yet another type of flour and I don’t think it made a big difference. 2. The cinnamon-chocolate-avocado combo was a bit too much for my brain to handle, but upon reflection, probably would’ve been really good. Oh well! (here‘s my version!)

These pancakes were…interesting. They’re not too sweet (I ended up dipping them in powdered sugar) and very soft on the inside.  If I remake them, I would definitely make sure to mash the avocado more.  The avocado I used was fairly soft and I mashed it up pretty well, but there were still chunks in the pancakes (you can see them in the picture!), and you could definitely taste that distinctive avocado taste in the pancakes which (although I normally love) seemed a bit unbalanced.  Next time, I’ll have to puree the avocado, or maybe blend the batter all together.  I also might try using a California avocado instead of the regular Hass/Florida avocados since the California ones are milder in taste.

Another thing that stuck out to me about these pancakes was the texture of the batter.  Right after I mixed everything together, it looked like your everyday chocolate-avocado pancake batter.


But then, when I went to scoop the batter, it had aerated itself and the texture was more like that of a mousse! COOKING ALCHEMY. It was crazy, I think it’s because there’s a fair amount of baking powder in the recipe(?)


Last thing (I promise!) since the batter is all mousse-y, it was hard for the batter to spread out in the pan, I had to help mine along quite a bit, but the pancakes were still a bit on the thick side.  I also had to lower the heat because the mousse-consistency slows down the internal cooking process. I actually burned my 1st pancake because the outside cooked so quickly and the inside was still really liquid.

3.5 out of 5 stackies: 


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