Not in my oatmeal!

…I didn’t like these…at all.

They looked decent, thick, fluffy, and I was excited to try them – really I was, but they just did not have a taste profile that I enjoyed.  (If you don’t believe me and insist on trying them yourself, the original recipe is here and mine is here.)

The batter starts by soaking the oatmeal overnight in buttermilk.  And, I’ll tell you what, that tangy buttermilk taste in the pancakes was waaay toooooo strong.  All I tasted was sour pancakes.

What bummed me out the most was that I like oatmeal, and I obviously like pancakes, so I thought that these would be delicious.  I expected light fluffy pancakes with oatmeal threaded throughout the pancakes for an interesting textual contrast.  Instead I got thick, sour, oatmeal patties.  Not appetizing.

(even the batter looks kind of gross)

If I remade these, I’d have to do a complete recipe overhaul.  I would start by treating the oatmeal more like any other topping, blueberries, pecans, whatever, than as the base for the pancake.  I might start with a standard pancake mix, add just a touch of oats, and then let the batter sit for a bit, so that the oats aren’t too dry.  Oooo, (pancake epiphany!) throw a walnut streusel topping on those pancakes, delish!! I’ll have to send this pancake to my recipe development team (also me).

1 out of 5 stackies: 


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