Buckwheat Pannekoek

I found myself with an excess of buckwheat flour and pomegranate molasses – it’s a good thing I found this recipe for Buckwheat Pannekoek! (Get the original from New York Magazine and mine here!)

So these are just the Scandinavian version of baked one-pan pancakes, aka’d Dutch Babies.  The recipe is for 4 pancakes and one pannekoek is a pretty satisfying breakfast for each person.  The pancake itself is sweet, but not too sweet, and the blueberries that are baked into it are nice bursts of blueberry goodness.  The edges are crispy and the middle is soft, but substantial.  

I’d never used pomegranate molasses before and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I happened to have a bottle on hand because my kitchen was the lucky recipient of a box of gourmet kitchen goods from my roommate’s parents.  (My vanilla beans are from the same source!)  The molasses was thinner than I expected, more like a nice balsamic vinegar consistency than molasses/honey/corn syrup.  The flavor was surprisingly tart, as well, not at all cloying.  

(those dark bits are from the vanilla bean)

The batter was really easy to put together, just mix everything together in a blender! (I actually used a hand mixer, but the same idea).  Then you just ladle some batter into your oven-proof pan (8”), toss some blueberries in, and bake!

My only gripe was that since I only have 1 oven proof pan, I had to repeat the whole process 4 times, oh well, someday I’ll have a whole army of castiron and I’ll be able to make pannekoek by the dozen!

4 out of 5 stackies: 


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