Apples to Apples (Pancakes, that is)

When I was little, I loved eating apples.  Then, around middle school, I developed a food sensitivity to raw apples – it was just the worst.  If I ate raw apple, my throat would get super itchy, and my tongue and lips would swell. 

Last fall, I decided to conquer my apple sensitivity.  Armed with a bushel of freshly picked apples, I ate about 5-a-day for two weeks, and by the end of the second week, I was cured! In honor of my reconciliation with apples, I set out to look for an apple pancake recipe.  I wanted something that would mimic latkes, but much more apple-y, I finally found this one at Smitten Kitchen.  (Get my version here!).

Unfortunately, these weren’t exactly what I was hoping for, but I think with a little bit of tweaking, they could be grrreat!  My main issue was with the texture of the pancakes.  Even though the apples retain some of their crunch, the batter part of the pancake is really soft, and it gets pretty mushy on the inside.  I couldn’t get the inside to cook more, without burning the outside.

(super liquidy, right?)

When I’ve made latkes, I always try to squeeze as much liquid out of the potatoes as I can by putting them in some cheesecloth and squeezing till I’m blue. I think the apples should be treated similarly because all the apple juice from grating the apples definitely upped the soggy factor.

In Smitten’s post, she mentions that extra flavoring (like vanilla or lemon zest) would have kicked up her pancakes.  I went with some lemon zest in mine, and it was a little overwhelming for the apples, almost cleaning fluid-esque.  I think next time I’ll use tarter apples (maybe granny smiths) and add some orange zest (for sweetness). 

I had some pancakes left over that I ate next day, the flavor was basically the same, but they were super soggy (even soggier than the day before).

3.5 out of 5 stackies (but with the potential for many more!):


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