Oreo Pancakes – You Will Be Double Stuffed!

Did you know that this year is Oreo’s 100th birthday?

When I found out, I knew I had to celebrate – pancake style!  Get my recipe here, and the original at Must Come Hungry.

The original recipe also includes ingredients for an oreo cookies ‘n’ cream glaze, but I decided to skip that (mostly because I was lazy), but I think the pancakes were delicious even without the glaze.  There’s only a little bit of sugar in the pancakes, so they’re getting all their sweetness from the oreo’s, which is plenty.  Plus, the cookie pieces sort of melt into the pancake batter and you get delicious surprise pops of oreo!

Even the batter looks delicious, like cookies ‘n’ creme ice cream!  Before you add the cookie pieces the batter is pretty light and mousse-y, afterwards, it gets really sticky (I think from the cream centers).  Because the batter gets so sticky, I had to use a spatula to ease the batter out of my measuring spoon – otherwise, making these pancakes was smooooth sailing.

I accompanied my pancakes with a classic glass of milk, but I think they would have been OVER-THE-TOP with some fresh whipped cream – another time, another pancake.

3.75 out of 5 pancakes:  


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