Some Cultured Pancakes

I decided to go back to the basics and experiment a bit more with my original pancake batter – so far I’ve done buttermilk, regular milk, and ricotta-based pancakes.  This week, I went to the yogurt side.

I was partly inspired by my brother-in-law who made his own yogurt last week.  I decided I could do the same, aaand put it in my pancakes.  Here’s how I made my yogurt, (from a kitchn recipe) and here’s the link to my pancake recipe!

The yogurt was pretty easy to make and deeelicious.  It had the tanginess of Greek yogurt, but was the consistency of regular yogurt, which is perfect for me because sometimes Greek yogurt can get a little too thick for me.

The pancakes came out nicely – very soft and moist – almost with a spongecake-like texture, but not as airy.  They’re super plain, the yogurt flavor doesn’t come through that well, so I was glad I had added some orange zest to the batter.

I also picked up some strawberry-rhubarb preserves this week which I thought would be a good accompaniment to the pancakes.  I topped the preserves with some fresh mint which really kicked up the “freshness” level of the meal.  I love strawberry-rhubarb and the yogurt pancakes were a great vessel for these preserves.  I think the pancakes would also have been delicious with some whipped honey cream or a fresh berry compote.  If you like a really soft pancake, then this batter base is for you!

3.75 out of 5 stackies: 


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