have you ever made the corn cakes (cornbread pancakes) they have at the tavern? And what is the most exotic ingredient you have ever used in a pancakes (fingers crossed for pterodactyl egg)?

Hi! Well, I have made cornmeal pancakes, but they didn’t turn out so well.  I think I can make them better, but I haven’t given it much thought – I also have never had the Tavern’s cornbread pancakes, but that’s probably the direction I should go in – got any recipe tips?

(The Tavern in Charlottesville, VA – a pancake institution)

The most exotic ingredient I’ve used so far is probably pomegranate molasses – not quite as exotic as pterodactyl eggs, those are harder to come by on the East Coast than in the mountains…

I actually thought of you recently – I found a local store that stocks lingonberry preserves, which I associate with Swedish pancakes, which I associate with you – so look out for a 2 degrees of separation pancakes-to-jack post!


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