A Platter of Plättar

Have you ever had Swedish Pancakes?

I’ve only ever had them (and loved them) at The Original Pancake House in Colorado, so when I found this recipe from The Minimalist, I had to try it out!

When I’ve ordered them from TOPH, I get served sort of a giant crepe, but thicker, with whipped butter and lingonberry preserves on the side.  So, obviously, when I first got the recipe, I assumed I’d be making some crepe-esque pancake.  Well, if you couldn’t tell from the picture, these are not crepe-like-but they are still delicious!  (skip my ramblings and get my recipe here!)

The pancakes are small-palm-sized…as in I could fit an entire one in my mouth…so perfect!  They sort of taste like crepes, light and mildly sweet, but they have a spongier texture which I think comes from the egg whites.  You basically mix equal parts batter and egg white, so the pancakes are really fluffy.  Really FLUFFY.

(egg whites!)

I did have a bit of trouble in the making of these magnificent morsels.  The original directions say to cook the plattar in butter, but after a batch or two, I couldn’t control the butter and I ended up burning a few pancakes.  So sad.  So I just switched to vegetable oil.  I decided that the pancakes cooked in butter tasted a little bit sweeter, but that might’ve just been me.  It was also really hard to get these to be circular.  In the picture of all the plattar, you’ll notice that a lot of them have “wonky” shapes.  I don’t know what went wrong.  Traditionally, plattar are cooked in a special “plett plan” to ensure uniformity.

(picture from squidoo)

But, instead of investing in another specialty pan, I exercised some will power and just whipped these up in my good ol’ non-stick – effective, but I guess not so pretty.  

What I did get right, though, was the lingonberry preserves.  mmm mmm MMMM.  I didn’t make these, hey, it’s hard to get fresh lingonberries (I tried).  

Lingonberry preserves are nice and tart, with just enough sweetness to take the edge off – they are delicious and now that I’ve opened the jar, there’s no limit to what I might slap some lingonberry preserves on!

4 out of 5 stackies: 


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