Breaking Brown

Brown rice pancakes, that is.  Healthy you say? Sort of.

These pancakes weren’t the greatest.  Granted they’re made with brown rice and whole wheat flour which I guess is a bit healthier than your ordinary pancake mix, but mostly they’re “healthy” because you won’t want to eat very many…Get the original here and my modified version here!

I was really excited for these pancakes since I almost always have leftover rice but these pancakes didn’t really live up to my excitement.  For one, the original recipe says to let the batter sit for 10 minutes – I’m not entirely sure what this is for but I suspect it’s to: (1) let the batter rest and (2) let the rice soften a bit.  Well, it didn’t work.  The rice I used was a few days old and I think it really should’ve sat in the batter for at least a few hours if not overnight.  As they were, the pancakes tasted sort of like stale Asian rice paddies…in a bad way (is there a good way?)

(needing to sit longer)

The pancakes look pretty thin in the picture, but they’re actually really dense and solid – I think the pancakes are basically super compressed.  In my recipe I’ve given directions to add more milk and to beat the egg whites separately, both of which should help to lighten the pancakes up a bit.  These pancakes also overcook easily so make sure you babysit them. If you decide to go with the original recipe, I found that a bit of jam made these a lot easier to eat since they come out a bit on the dry side.

2.5 out of 5 stackies: 


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