Apam Balik

Malaysian Peanut Pancakes – sign me up!  Get the original from My Kitchen Snippets and my version here!

So, I may have goofed a bit with this recipe, but these pancakes were still amazeballs.  like as in balls of amazing.  like you need to eat these.  now.  in real life.  They’re veryhearty pancakes – my roomie and I shared 1 for a meal.  My main goof was making these pancakes a bit too thick so they were definitely heartier than they’re probably supposed to be, but still, it’s basically a  fluffy pancake peanut sandwich which is at least one of the dictionary definitions of “hearty.”

(just waiting to be devoured!)

Something I did right, though (per usual…well, more usual), was using salted peanuts.  The original recipe didn’t really specify what type of peanuts to use – except for Malaysian-style roasted peanuts (at least that’s what I assumed).  Since I don’t know what Malaysian-style roasted peanuts are, I just substituted good old roasted peanuts that I chopped up in a food processor.

Sooo, yeah, these pancakes may sound exotic (code word for difficult to make), but they really weren’t.  Are you still here? Go make some pancakes SON!

almost 3.75 out of 5 stackies: 


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