Off the Griddle with IHOPapotamus at…the Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant

(Don’t know who IHOPapotamus is? Get the deets here.)

Greetings, pancake enthusiasts.  My first stop as the new guest writer for So You Think You Can Pancake was the Clinton Street Bakery, located, appropriately enough, at 4 Clinton St. in the Lower East Side.

4 Clinton St, Manhattan, NY 10002

(pic from Google maps)

I arrived about noon on a Sunday afternoon.  The restaurant is small and several people were standing outside waiting for a table.  I had anticipated that getting a table might be a little tricky and called earlier for takeout.  My takeout order was ready in 15 minutes, so if you’re willing to have breakfast outside, that might be a better alternative than waiting for a table.  The Bakery does not take reservations on Sunday, so if you prefer dining inside be prepared to wait.

CSB 2.jpg

(pic from

I ordered blueberry pancakes.  I got three fairly substantial ones with maple syrup and some sort of blueberry syrup/spread.  I wasn’t too impressed by the latter, but the maple syrup was excellent.  The syrup had a light tan color and was much sweeter than your typical Mrs. Butterworth type syrup.  It was served slightly warm, which I really enjoyed.


(pic from Piece of (Chocolate) Cake)

The pancakes were excellent, and lived up to the hype I had heard about them.  They were very light and spongy.  The outer rim was light on blueberries, but as I worked my way to the center there were plenty of berries.  The Bakery mixed in the perfect amount of blueberries for my taste; enough that I got to enjoy them, but not so much that the entire pancake was blueberries.

About halfway through my breakfast I felt I would still be hungry when I finished the pancakes.  I made a mental note to order a side of bacon next time I came here; however, I realized that wouldn’t be necessary when I finished.  The serving size turned out to be perfect; too much more would have started to ruin the taste for me.

I liked what I saw of the Bakery from when I was in there.  It’s small enough to be described as cozy.  The staff was all smiles, if not a little rushed by the Sunday brunch crowd.  My only real gripe would be the price.  I’m probably just cheap, but I have a hard time paying $14.50 for three pancakes, even if they are delicious.  It seems pretty typical of the menu, which can be found here.

All in all, I enjoyed the Clinton Street Bakery and their blueberry pancakes. 

(A note about IHOPapotamus’ rating system: Who is known for his prodigious love of the great American outdoors and pancakes the size of small cars?  Why, Mr. Paul Bunyan of course.  Like few others, this folk legend embodies the enthusiasm for a well made pancake and new experiences that is “Off the Griddle.”)  

So, allow me to rate the Clinton Street Bakery with 4 out of 5 Paul Bunyans: 


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