Me So Corny

Some of you may remember my antipathy towards cornmeal pancakes (blogged here and here)…well, I decided to give cornmeal yet another chance, and this time, I got it right!! (Get my recipe here!)

The first time, the recipe was entirely cornmeal-based which resulted in very heavy and granular pancakes.  This time, the cornmeal was treated more like an additive than a base (so cornmeal:cornmeal pancakes::blueberry:blueberry pancakes).  The pancakes came out fairly fluffy with a bit of a corn-grainy texture and some great corn flavor.

(lookin’ fluffy)

One thing to keep in mind is that these pancakes overcook really really easily, I had to keep my eyes on them the whole time and I still burned a pancake.  

(butter honey – recipe here!)

I also decided to experiment with my pancake toppings.  When I think corn, I usually think butter.  So when I was thinking about cornmeal pancakes, I thought of honey butter…but I wanted my honey butter to be more syrup-y. Instead of your “traditional” honey butter, made by whisking honey into softened butter, I decided to make “butter honey” by melting butter and whisking it into the honey.  I actually ended up making both honey butter and butter honey – my apartment consensus was that the butter honey was superior even though I used exactly the same ingredients in the same ratios for both.

4.25 out of 5 stackies (with the extra 1/4 stackie for the butter honey): 


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