Off the Griddle with IHOPapotamus at…Christophe’s Crepes

Bonjour Fancakes.

So, I may have been a little deceitful in my last post.  I promised you I would be eating pancakes in traditional restaurants.  Yet somehow, I found myself eating a crepe from a food cart, specifically Christophe’s Crepes.  At the time, it was parked in Fairfield, Connecticut, by the public library.  From what I gathered, Christophe has been cruising around Fairfield County for the past eight months serving up some tasty crepes.


(image from Google maps)

I strolled up to the back window and requested a Belgian Waffle.  To my chagrin, the chef informed me he had stopped serving them.  Apparently, they weren’t popular enough to warrant taking up the limited storage space in his van.  My disappointment was quickly alleviated when I bit into my chocolate and strawberry crepe.

(view of the truck from the

To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I had a crepe, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was pleased to find it was filled with rich, thick chocolate, made even sweeter by a generous helping of powdered sugar.  The strawberries were fresh and complemented the chocolate very well.  My only complaint would be that it was a little more chewy than I would have preferred.  Perhaps that’s just how crepes are; as I said I can’t recall the last time I ate one.


(one of Christophe’s crepes from

My appetite is nearly boundless, but the crepe was so rich that even I was debating whether I should finish it.  My brother decided he would save half for another meal.  Saving it for dessert might be more appropriate considering the chocolate and sugar on this thing.  It might make a good treat to share between two people or a dessert for those with a sweet tooth.

Christophe himself was very nice; he plays the part of the French gourmet chef quite well.  My brother and I sat on the grass in front of his truck and he leaned out his window to ask how we enjoyed the meal and pass the time with small talk.  He is a real Frenchman, so if authenticity matters to you count that as a bonus.

(Christophe! from

Eating the crepe from a food truck was a bit of an odd experience.  I was there about noon on Sunday, so foot traffic by the library was non-existent.  This allowed me to comfortably perch on the grass and eat on my lap.  I was a little surprised that the crepe was just served on a paper plate, instead of the “to-go” container food carts normally utilize.  As I mentioned, he’s only been at this about eight months, so I suppose he’s still working on the logistics of his crepe cart.  I was also disappointed I didn’t get my Belgian waffle, but barring a horde of fancakes and wafflemaniacs descending on his truck demanding them I doubt Christophe will start restocking them.

If you happen to see his truck, it’s worth taking a stop.  From what I gathered he’s also available for catering (no idea what he’d charge for that).  His email is and telephone number is (646)596-6879.


Overall, I would give this 3 Paul Bunyans: 


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