Duck Duck Gooseberry

When I was little, I definitely thought that gooseberries were imaginary…what real thing would have such a ridiculous name?

Apparently the name comes either from the Dutch Kruisbes, German Krausbeere, French groseille, or the fact that the berries apparently look like geese-heads. (I don’t see it…well, maybe a little)

The gooseberries are about the size of red grapes and are fairly tart.  My roommate described them as “austere” grapes – they sort of taste like the part of a plum that is closest to the pit.  The odd part of the gooseberry is the texture – it’s got sort of a slimy, thick, gooey texture that I did not enjoy.  Despite their ooginess, they did provide a tart contrast of flavor against the whole wheatiness of the pancakes…so they played their part, I guess.

The pancakes themselves have an excellent texture, very fluffy and hearty, and the whole wheat flavor comes through well.  (Get the original recipe here and mine here.)  Note: they’re actually super fluffy, so they need to cook for a bit longer at a slightly lower temp so that they cook all the way through and you don’t have weird pockets of liquid batter.

2 out of 5 stackies: 


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