Currant Events

aka Crempog Gri aka Welsh currant pancakes!

Get the original here, and my converted version here!

So, currants are another one of those fruits that I’ve always heard of but never had. If you read about my gooseberry adventure a few weeks ago, you may notice certain similarities between this post and that one.

Sizewise, currants are about the size of blueberries.  The ones that I used were “black” but there are also red currants and pink currants (albino red currants) – apparently the flavor varies a bit depending on the color, but for the most part they have very similar flavor profiles.  Currants have that gooseberry-y texture (which = slimy).  They’re quite bitter and tart and have a musky, wine-y flavor…interesting, to say the least (and probably the most).

The actual pancake part of the crempog gri is similar to a crepe – lightly sweet and pretty thin.  In fact, I really liked the pancake base, I think they’d be really good with some citrus zest.  The currants, however, were a different matter.  I’m just not into slimy fruit and they were a bit too bitter for me – I compensated by adding a lot of powdered sugar.  The pancakes were also really messy – I didn’t take a photo, but there were currant smears ALL OVER – on the counter, on the table, on my legs, on my roommate’s face…it was a currant-astrophe.

2.25 out of 5 stackies: 


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