Off the Griddle with IHOPapotamus at…Ashton’s Alley

Ashton’s Alley on the East Side of Midtown is a fairly spacious restaurant.  Unlike my foray to the Clinton Street Baking Co., this is the kind of place you can make brunch reservations at.  Although, my friends and I were the only ones there at 11 o’clock on a Saturday morning so reservations might not be necessary.

(image from google maps)
The brunch menu is pretty diverse.  I, of course, ordered pancakes, but my friends enjoyed eggs, bacon, home fries, etc.  Truth be told, after eating the pancakes I was jealous that I didn’t order what they have.

I don’t recall how the conversation started, but I found my friends making Paula Deen jokes.  If you’re reading this blog, I’m going to assume you’re food savvy enough to recognize the name.  Funnier people than I have lampooned the woman’s overindulgence of butter in her cooking, so I won’t beat a dead horse.  Yet, somehow my friends’ conversation prophesied the pancakes I was about to have.

The menu offers “fluffy” pancakes.  I was hoping for some simple fare as a change of pace from some of my other pancake adventures of late.  Unfortunately, I found out that Ashton’s Alley’s definition of fluffy is greasy.  The pancake oozed butter and grease, which became more irritating with each mouthful.  I think my editor said it best when saying the pancakes might have started out fluffy, but were burdened by an overabundance of butter.  I’d like to go on and give you a better description, but I can’t.  The thought is making me lose my appetite.  This place gets one Paul Bunyan.

Fortunately, the drinks at this brunch were excellent.  $25 purchased me the aforementioned pancakes and bottomless drinks for two hours.  The drink menu is limited to the standards for a booze brunch: mimosas, Bloody Marys, & screwdrivers.  The mimosa was good, in the way the mimosas generally are.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve never had a mimosa with fancy champagne, but it sort of seems that if you’ve had one, you had them all (taste-wise).  

If you’re drinking at brunch at Ashton’s Alley, I’d recommend the screwdriver.  Like a mimosa, not the most complicated of drinks, but they do a good job.  It’s strong without the vodka overpowering your taste buds.  The Bloody Mary was also quite good, and I’m someone who doesn’t like Bloody Marys. In the past, the Bloody Marys I’ve tried were as thick as cold tomato soup.  This one was certainly thick, but not to the point where I felt I needed a spoon.

Well, my editor has told me I’m writing too much, so I’ll finish this quick.  Ashton Alley’s, good drinks, bad pancakes.  Go for the drinks and the other items on the menu; my friends all seemed to enjoy their meals.

4 Blue Oxen, 1 Paul Bunyan: 


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