it’s BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have mixed reviews for this one – I’m not sure I made them to their full potential, but I believe that if done correctly, they would be amazing. (Figure out what I did, here.)


First things first, my inspirations for these were: (1) bacon, just bacon and (2) my love of McGriddles.  Actually, even though I love McGriddles, I probably have one every other year – they taste so good while I’m eating them, but I feel instant regret about halfway through and I have a sneaking suspicion that they might not be the greatest for my health. maybe. 


(pic from 

Anyway, I was thinking about bacon.  And pancakes.  And rereading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, specifically this passage (on pg. 277) when Blomkvist gets out of prison and goes back to his researching job for Henrik on Hedeby Island:

They looked at each other for a few seconds.  Then the old man surprised Blomkist by throwing his arms around him and giving him a bear hug.

“I was just about to eat. Join me.”

Anna produced a great quantity of bacon pancakes with lingonberries…”



Where was I?  Oh, well, so that’s why I wanted to make maple-infused bacon pancake sticks.  I made sure to use thick cut bacon so that: (1) the bacon wouldn’t get overcooked and (2) so that you got a nice chunky bacon to pancake ratio.  I also went with hickory smoked, but on reflection, maple smoked would probably have been better.


(more baaacon)

As you can see, I cooked my bacon in a pan.  I considered doing them in the oven, but I wanted to use the bacon grease to cook the pancakes (hey, when I go bacon, I go all the way).  The tricky part is not letting your pancakes soak up too much bacon grease so just make sure you empty your pan a bit before cooking the pancakes.


The 2 main issues I had with these pancakes were with: (1) the pancake to bacon ratio and (2) my insufficient maple flavoring.  So to address issue 1, I’ve made my recipe a little thicker so that you can better control how much you add to the pan.  And, to address issue 2, I’ve also upped the amount of maple syrup in the recipe – so when you try these out, they should be better.

(random, but awesome bacon pic I found here)

I’m also wondering whether I should’ve just chopped up the bacon so that there would be bacon bits throughout the pancakes, I think that would’ve helped the bacon taste level, but I really want these to be pancake stix, so, I’m sticking with this recipe.

Oh, last thing, I promise – I totally forgot about the lingonberry jam in my fridge so I just had these with some fresh figs that my roommate had gotten the day before, but you definitely want to have these pancakes with something sweet and tart.

3 out of 5 stackies:imageimageimage


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