Off the Griddle with IHOPapotamus at…the Omega Diner

I had planned to venture back into New York City for this latest review.  The chief keeps telling me about this Cinnamon Snail place, which is to say she keeps asking why I haven’t reviewed it yet.  I will get to it, (honest!) but with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, more than a few of my plans were thrown off. 

(my hurricane motto)

So, I decided to keep it local and visit the Omega Diner in New Hyde Park, on the corner of Lakeville Road and Hillside Avenue.  The Omega is a fairly typical example of what people think a diner in New York looks like: lots of booths, relatively dim lighting, that kind of ugly neon sign all those diners have on the outside, and a guy with a Greek accent ambling about the place.

Hillside Ave & Lakeville Rd, North New Hyde Park, NY 11040

(map from google maps)

Like all diners, Omega has a huge menu and serves breakfast all day.  While that’s great when you and a few friends are coming home from a concert and somebody wants eggs while someone else wants chili-cheese fries, it does mean that there is not a lot of variety with respect to pancakes.  Omega offers a short or large stack of regular pancakes or an order of silver dollar pancakes.  I chose the silver dollar pancakes.

(image from Omega’s website)

According to the menu, I was going to get ten pancakes, so I assumed they would be a little smaller.  I was mistaken.  While undoubtedly smaller than a regular pancake, these silver dollar pancakes were pretty large in terms of thickness and circumference.  I hesitate to use the word “circumference” since that would give you, dear reader, the impression that these pancakes were round.  It would be more accurate to say they were “roundish.”  These were the first pancakes that I reviewed that were not well formed.  They looked like what a child would make when his mom let him help pour the batter on the griddle.  They’re mostly round, but not round enough to win awards for presentation.

(screenshot from their menu online)

But, I assume you’re less interested in reminiscences of the culinary antics of childhood, and more interested in how these tasted.  I’m pleased to say that the Omega Diner serves some damn good silver dollar pancakes.  They were fluffy, but very filling.  The Omega only serves plain pancakes, no blueberries or “fancy toppings,” but they do it well.  The pancakes are served with butter and generic maple syrup on the side.  Both complement, which do a great job of soaking up the syrup.

(from google images)

There is something supremely satisfying about devouring ten of these silver dollar pancakes in one sitting.  It makes you feel like Paul Bunyan, eating mountains of pancakes with Babe the Blue Ox.  Speaking of which, I’ll give the Omega 3 out of 5 Paul Bunyans.

As a side note, the Omega does have a bar.  I didn’t order anything from it, due in part to there being no drink specials for breakfast or brunch.  I also drove there, so cheers to being responsible I suppose.

3 out of 5 Paul Bunyans: 


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