Brought to You by the Letter C

My friend Megan makes a damn-fine carrot cake. These Carrot Cottage Cheese pancakes are sort of my ode to her and her carrot cake…and also a chance for me to experiment with a cottage cheese pancake base.


(Get the original recipe from Taste of Beirut and my version here.)

It should come as no surprise that these pancakes are carrot-y, but they’re super carrot-y, carrot-ier, perhaps, than an actual carrot.  In fact, these are so carrot-y that I’m going to go ahead and say that they’re “healthy” because: 

  1. these have carrots and carrots are good for you, in general, that’s like a law or science or something
  2. carrots have vitamin A which is good for your eyes
  3. it’s easier to absorb carrot vitamins when they’re cooked…which these are
So, yeah, my definition of healthy = “contains some vegetables.”  I should totally be a carrot publicist.*
(lots of good-looking carrots)

These pancakes are good just the way they are, so you don’t need to add any syrup or powdered sugar, although drizzling some honey on top might make them extra delicious.  The original recipe says that these can be served as a savory or a sweet sidedish, but I definitely think they err on the side of sweet.

(mmm, mmm, looking golden and delicious)

The only downfall to these pancakes was that they were slightly on the wet side, I think because of the cottage cheese.  Speaking of which, I’m not a huge cottage cheese fan (it looks slimy and gross), but you couldn’t really taste the cheese in the batter, so I’m not sure that the cottage cheese was really necessary at all.  If I were to make these cuppies (carrot-puppies) again, I might use ricotta cheese since it’s slightly drier.  I might also try to make these more carrot cake-ier by adding raisins and nuts and maybe a cream cheese glaze, but then that would probably take away the integrity of the carrots, themselves.  Ah, the eternal dilemma…

3.5 out of 5 stackies: 

*This is a wholly unrelated story except for the fact that carrots are involved.  Anyway, apparently my bf was talking to a girl who had been offered a job as a Cost Accountant for a Carrot Company (cost accountants figure out what costs drive your business, so I imagine the main crux of this job would be to figure how much of the profits were being stolen by rabbits)…I know, not much of a story, but come on, I’d take that job!


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