Who Wants Pancakes???

So in my infinite generosity I’ve given IHOPapotamus the month off for the holidays and instead, I’ll be mixing it up this month.  By the way, Merry Christmas Eve Eve! 


(Pic from Make and Takes – I actually have issues with eating things that are a face (or have faces on them)…I don’t know, it’s my morbid streak, but I feel like I would be cutting into Santa’s face – anyway, this is still a cute Santa-cake)

So I’m a big fan of homemade presents and this year I decided to spread some holiday pancaking cheer by giving homemade pancake batter mixes as gifts.


These are super easy to make and pretty cute (if I say so myself). All you need are:

  1. Clean glass/plastic containers – I got mine from the dollar store 
  2. A solid pancake recipe (you can browse my recipe box here)
  3. Some gift tags – I made these out of construction paper
  4. Decorations! – I used green tissue paper and red yarn to make little wreath toppers for the jar lids.


First, pick out what recipe you want to use.  I made two of these for my friends.  For my one friend who likes to partay, I made a “Wasted Batter” mix (beer pancakes) and included a bottle of berry-flavored beer. And for my other friend I made a “Me So Corny” mix (cornmeal pancakes)…because she likes corn.  Then, I wrote out the directions for the pancakes (including what extra ingredients they would need, eggs, milk, etc.).  Finally, all you have to do is close up the jars, make ‘em look pretty and you’re set! You could also fancy these up with a little jug of syrup or a mini honey bear – what the heck, maybe even BOTH (it is Christmas after all).

My favorite part in making these was picking out which recipes I wanted give to each person – basically a pancake personality test.  

Alright, it’s time for me to go get my merry on – see you next week and Happy Holidays!


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