Bring on the Bubbly!

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve! Do you ever have leftover Champagne from New Year’s?…probably not…but if you do, you should give these sparkling wine pancakes a try!


These are sparkling wine pancakes that I served with some fresh blood orange slices, raspberries, and some sparkling wine jelly. Oh, a quick disclaimer, I meant to make these with Champagne, but then I got cheap and just got the cheapest bottle of sparkling whatever and ended up with a Prosecco which was still delicious.  And, in case you’re wondering, both Champagne and Prosecco are sparkling wines, but only sparkling wine from the Champagne region in France can actually be called “Champagne.”  You can also get other sparkling wines made in a Champagne-style, or just other types of sparkling wines like Prosecco (from Italy) or Cava (from Spain).


Okay, onto the pancakes.  I thought these were good, but not great, but my roommate, C, really liked them.  The Prosecco taste stays pretty strong in the pancakes and gives the pancakes an almost yeasty flavor.  The pancakes are lightly sweet, but I still added some powdered sugar and Prosecco jelly (more on this later!) to sweeten them up even more. (Here’s my recipe.)


Oh, and a cooking tip – I actually had a bit of trouble with these pancakes…I burned 3 out of 7 (probably my worst turnout ever).  These pancakes are really fluffy and light (not only because of the Prosecco, but also because I upped the baking soda in the recipe) but because of their extreme lightness, they are a little fussy to make.  Basically the pancakes need to cook longer than regular pancakes (because the batter is runnier than regular batter), but because they’re so light, they burn really easily.  Anywhoo, make sure your pan is really hot, but that once you start cooking the pancakes, turn the heat way down.  On to the accompaniment!


This is my Prosecco Blood Orange Raspberry jelly recipe! I worked off this basic Champagne Jelly recipe, but I flavored it with blood orange juice and zest and some fresh raspberries thrown in right at the end of the cooking process.  Blood oranges sort of taste like regular oranges but with a hint of raspberry-ness, so these fruits worked really well together.


This was my first time using pectin to make jelly (I guess the recipes I usually follow just use the natural pectin from whatever fruit I’m jelly-ing/jam-ing).  I wasn’t sure really what to expect, but it’s just a thick clear white gel that tastes super sour.  The actually jelly itself is fairly tart and mildly sweet.  The blood orange flavor comes through nicely and the pops of raspberry are a nice surprise.  The jelly needs to sit overnight to really set up properly.  I hadn’t thought about this and ended up using the “syrup” version of the jelly since I couldn’t wait to try it!  I think the jelly was really the star of this sparkling wine ‘speriment, but the entire combo was pretty pretty good.

3.75 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimageimage


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