Take a Gambir on These Pancakes!

These Gambir (Mongolian pancakes) are probably one of the best snack pancakes out there.


They look plain, but they’re incredibly satisfying. They’re sort of like sweet scallion pancakes (but without any scallions) and are slightly chewier and have fewer layers than a scallion pancake.  You even make them similarly, by rolling and re-rolling them multiple times.


(me smushing down a rolled out pancake so I can re-roll it)

Plus, these only need 4 ingredients: water, flour, sugar, and oil. Talk about easy! (Here’s the recipe I worked off of and my version.) Apparently Mongolian food is known for being pretty basic on ingredients, but big on flavor.  And while these weren’t the most flavor pancakes, they are pretty dang good. I had them once for breakfast and again for an afternoon snack, they’re just so easy and filling, tough to beat.


Oh, and my roomie said they reminded her of paratha which is a type of Indian flatbread.  I’ve never had paratha (but I have added them to my to-pancake list).  In any case, if you have paratha and liked them, you may like gambir as well!

4 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimageimage


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