Show Me the Honey!

Doesn’t this look nice?


The original recipe for this “Honey Cloud Pancake” (from the Things We Make) uses plums as well, but I thought my straight-up berry version was pretty delicious.

A couple of pointers:

  • In a trend I can’t seem to break with 1-pan baked pancakes, the bottom of mine burned a little.  The burnt pieces weren’t so bad and the whole pancake still got eaten, but still…ONE DAY I WILL NOT BURN A 1-PAN BAKED PANCAKE…today just wasn’t that day.  In any case, just make sure your pan isn’t too hot during the stove-top part and that should help prevent burning.
  • The general consensus was that the pancakes were a bit wet.  I think I may not have drained my fruit enough, and some of their residual wetness may have soggied-up the pancakes…so yeah, make sure your fruit is nice and dry…maybe even give them a pat with a paper towel.
(if only I had patted them dry!)

All in all, these pancakes were pretty god* good and I’ll probably remake them for breakfast.  They have an eggy-souffle-y taste and texture that pairs really well with the fruit.  Speaking of which, make sure you use fruit with a bit of tartness to balance out the honey sweetness.  Divided three ways, and with the leftover fruit, this pancake makes a very satisfying breakfast indeed – Pooh Bear would definitely approve and that’s all that counts right?


(a satisfying breakfast)

3.75 out of 5 stackies:imageimageimageimage

*that was just a typo that I left in…I thought it was sort of funny.  Freudian slip? Maybe I like these pancakes more than I thought…


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