Off the Griddle with IHOPapotamus at…the Skyline Diner

Assuming that I have regular readers, some of you may recall I was severely disappointed when I went to Christophe’s Crepes and was unable to purchase the Belgian waffles advertised on the side of his truck.  If watching every episode of Mad Men has taught me nothing else, it’s the importance of truth in advertising.  (Mad Men has of course taught me other things like the fact that cigarettes and alcohol aren’t actually bad for you, so long as you wear a suit).

Madmen Logic

(image from Quick Meme)

This has obviously weighed heavily on my conscience for some time.  Sleep has been lost over this, people.  So, I sought to rectify this by visiting the Skyline Diner, on Union Turnpike in New Hyde Park.

I’ve been to the Skyline a few times prior to this, but haven’t tried their pancakes or Belgian waffles before this.  The menu has a few options for Belgian waffles.  Nothing too fancy, it’s mainly just eggs or toppings.  I ordered my waffles with strawberry preserves.


(map from google)

I had expected the preserves to be poured directly onto the waffles; instead, they were served on the side.  In the end I was very grateful for this since the preserves weren’t all that good.  They were incredibly thick and molasses-y.  I enjoy strawberries, but I prefer them fresh.  The preserves were too thick and artificially sweet for me to really enjoy, so I wound up not really using it on my waffle.  They may have suffered by comparison, since I recently had a far superior type of strawberry preserve at another restaurant.  Should you visit the Skyline, I’d recommend seeing if they would be willing to put substitute fresh strawberries for the preserves.  I have to imagine that it would be a better option.


(image from the Skyline Diner)

Turning to the waffle itself, it was sweet and filling, if not particularly remarkable.  I had poured the preserves onto about half of the waffle before I tasted it, which turned out to be a mistake.  I still enjoyed this part of the meal, since the waffle itself was good, but the sickly thick sweetness of the preserves prevented me from enjoying the meal completely.  I used butter and maple syrup on the rest of the Belgian waffle.  This was a much better choice, and I preferred this part of the meal significantly more. 


(Belgian Waffle section from the Skyline menu) 

I was a little disappointed to have to resort to the butter and syrup, since those are toppings I’m well acquainted with and I had hoped I would find a new topping option in the strawberry preserves.  Pancakes and maple syrup are all well and good, but when you write for a blog like this, it’s a taste you become very familiar with.  Sometimes, one needs to be able to explore other options, taste-wise.  I suspect that at a more sophisticated venue than the Skyline Diner I might be able to find superior preserves.  In the meantime, I’ll stick with butter and syrup, assuming that fresh fruit is not an option.


(so classic someone made a pillow!)

One final note on the Belgian waffle.   While it was certainly a large waffle, the Skyline only served one.  Granted, it’s been a while since I ordered waffles, Belgian or domestic, anywhere, so perhaps that’s standard practice, but I’ve become accustomed, in ordering so many pancakes, to getting a plate with a stack of delicious breakfast food.  Part of me expected the same thing with the Belgian waffle(s).   Perhaps the Skyline knows better than me and if I had more than one I would have been unable to finish both or I would have gotten sick in the process.  O well, I can always revisit it and test my mettle against two of the Skyline’s Belgian waffles.

All in all, it was a pleasant time even though nothing in the experience really stands out as exceptional.  

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