Every Kiss Begins with Pancakes

Some non sequiturs (first) and then some sequiturs (is that a thing? well, I guess I just made it one)

  • If you came expecting pancakes for Chinese New Year, I’m sorry, but I will redirect you to my scallion pancakes post
  • I did not get the double meaning of the “every kiss begins with kay” commercial for a long time*
  • I’m planning on making these on Valentine’s Day but I wanted to do a trial run first (which was a good idea) – I have made some adjustments to the recipe (which you can get here) that should guarantee a successful V-Day pancake expedition, but my pictures are meh (sorry!)
  • I was originally inspired by this picture:


(pic from Places In the Home)

And then I wanted to make it more Valentine’s Day-y so I decided to go with a red velvet and thus was born Pink Velvet Doily Heart Pancakes with Sweet Cream Cheese!


(my doily is less than perfect)

My starting point was this recipe for red velvet crepes from Tidy Mom. I cut her crepe recipe in half and only made 1/4 of the cream cheese filling (I’m only cooking for 2 after all). I thought the cocoa flavor of the crepes came through really nicely but the sweetness level was a little off.   On their own, the crepes were not sweet enough, but with the cream cheese the combination was a little too sweet (I’ve adjusted sugar levels to my taste in my version).


Also, my batter was simultaneously too runny for me to adequately control (which I think is why my doily looks a little janky) and not quite smooth enough.  I compensated by reducing the liquids in the recipe and I plan on blending the ingredients for a bit longer.  While I made a few doily crepes, I ended up making the bulk of the pancakes as just regular old hearts.

I’ll keep you posted on when I remake these, but for now, Happy Valentine’s Day!

3.75 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimageimage

*For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, the commercial is saying (1) that when you give someone something from Kay Jewelers, you’ll get a kiss and (2) that “kiss” begins with the letter “k” –  MIND BLOWN


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