Get Your Fat Tuesday On!

I always knew today as Mardi Gras, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out that today is also aka’d as “Shrove Tuesday,” “Fat Tuesday,” and perhaps most importantly for all us fancakes, “Pancake Tuesday!”

(see my Cafe Du Monde mug? If you’re ever in NOLA, they have the quintessential, perfect beignets and coffee)

So in honor of Pancake Tuesday, I decided to create a beignet-inspired pancake.  I worked off of a classic beignet recipe from Paula Deen but made them a bit pancakier by altering the flour ratio and pan-frying them instead of using a deep fryer.  (Get my version here!)

The premise behind Pancake Tuesday (and many other Mardi Gras celebrations) is to eat a whole lot of rich fatty foods before you fast for Lent.  Pancakes are traditionally eaten because they contain cream, eggs, and butter/fat (the trifecta of pre-Lent fattiness, I suppose). In fact, according to the Irish Examiner, over 50 million eggs will be cracked today!

Now, because these are the lovechild of beignets and pancakes, they’re somewhat heavier than beignets and have a doughy, almost biscuit-like texture.  The dough is nice and sweet (from the sugar and the condensed milk), and the powdered sugar makes them a perfect breakfast/snack/any time of day dish.

These beignet-cakes cook very fast (just a minute or two on each side) so make sure you keep your eye on them.  Another key cooking tip is to make sure to roll the dough to at least 1/4 inch thick (and no thicker) – otherwise you’ll get burnt outsides and uncooked insides. Oh, and the recipe makes a BIG batch of beignet-cakes so either have a lot of people over, get ready to drown in beignets, or wrap them up tight and reheat in your oven/toaster oven/pan – they’re really best fresh, though.

Don’t forget to enjoy these with a nice hot milky cafe au lait!

4 out of 5 stackies: 


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