Domo Dorayaki Mr. Roboto

Hi!  If you’re a fan of delicious red-bean-pancake-sandwich glory, then have I got the pancakes for you!


I followed this recipe from just one cookbook (you can get my version here, oh, and my recipe for Japanese red bean paste here.) If you’ve never had red bean paste before, you should definitely try it.  It can sound a bit “exotic,” but trust me, it’s good.  The texture is similar to that of mashed sweet potatoes (sort of mushy) but it’s got a natural bean-y sweetness.


(red beans waiting to be cooked!)

If you follow the directions I used, you’ll get a pretty coarse bean paste – mine also still had the bean skins in it.  If you want something smoother, you can push your bean paste through a tamis/process it smoother or just go with something store-bought!  Whatever you use, just make sure the bean paste is at room temp, it’ll just make it much easier to work with.


(a tempting pile) 

The pancakes themselves are fairly sweet (there’s honey and sugar in the batter) and the bean paste is also sweet, so you’ll definitely want to have a hot cup of coffee or tea with these.  My roommate and I chowed down with some afternoon green tea and it was a pretty delicious combination. 

Oh! One more tip, the pancakes scorch easily so work with a medium-low temp and keep an eye on the pancakes.

4 out of 5 stackies:imageimageimageimage


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