I said “Heyy! Hoooo! Heyy!! HODDEOK!!”

Um, panfried doughy pancakes stuffed with brown sugar and walnuts? Yes, please.


Skip my ramblings and get my recipe here (the original is at maangchi). If you like a nice doughy, toothy pancake, these are definitely what you’ve been dreaming about.  They’re really satisfying and 1-2 should be enough for any snack, but hey, go ahead and have more, I’m not judging.


Be forewarned, though, these are very sweet – the filling is, after all, straight up sugar and walnuts.  I thought the walnuts were particularly good (both taste-wise and texture-wise) and helped break-up some of the straight-up doughiness of the pancakes.


Oh, and just in case you can’t eat all 8 hoddeok in one sitting, you can warm these up the next day (even though they really are best hot off the pan).  Just wrap them up in saran wrap or some air-tight tupperware and keep at room temp. Then, pop them into a toaster on a medium/medium-low setting and you’re good to go. Happy Snacking!

3.75 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimageimage


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