Cooking with Dirty Water: Boston Cream Pie Pancakes

Prepare for total tastebud shock. See my recipe here and get the original over at Country Cleaver. Oh, and if you have no idea what the “dirty water” is about, check out this video


If you like boston cream pie or boston cream donuts or anything with pancakes, pastry cream, and chocolate, you are definitely going to want to eat these pancakes.  On their own, the pancakes are a little dry, so they really stand up to the pastry cream and ganache.


You’ve been forewarned: this batter is very very thick, so you’ll want to help spread it out a little in the pan, otherwise, the pancakes will be too thick and your ratios will be off.


Even though there’s a lot going on in these pancakes, the vanilla in the batter comes through really well, and the pastry cream and chocolate don’t overwhelm each other.  My roommate actually thought that there should’ve been more pastry cream, but she may have a pastry cream problem. Oh, just make sure you have these with a hot mug of black coffee or a nice tall glass of cold milk.

3.75 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimageimage


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