Nales-what? Nalesniki!!

Nalesniki are Polish crepes – very similar to Hungarian palacsinta, Croatian palachinke, blintzes, and various other Eastern European filled crepes.

See my recipe here, and the original over at Mr. Breakfast. These crepes were not too sweet and very soft.  In fact, they may have been a little too soft and oozy for me.

My roommate informs me that these were very blintz-like (look out for a blintz post around Shavuot!), so if you’ve had a blintz, you’ll have an idea of what theses nalesniki were like.  My best advice would be to go pretty light on the filling (it can get real creamy, real fast) and to pair these with something nice and tart.

We ended up using some leftover lingonberry preserves which helped out, but some fresh berries, citrus zest, or a similarly tart jam/jelly would be equally delicious.

As far as crepes go, I would say these are a little thicker than your standard French crepe which made them a bit easier to work with.  On their own, the pancakes are pretty tasteless, so I wouldn’t recommend eating them plain.

3.25 out of 5 stackies: 


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