Pati-cake Pati-cake

As in patishapta (Bengali/Indian rice flour crepes with a coconut/jaggery filling), of course (cue winky face).


The crepes on their own are pretty plain and only very lightly sweet, so they definitely go well with the coconut-jaggery filling.  Oh, I could not find jaggery anywhere near me (Forest Hills could definitely use some more ethnic grocery stores) so instead I used brown sugar.


I’ve read that brown sugar is an acceptable substitute for jaggery but I definitely did something wrong because my filling was really crunchy (in other pictures, the filling looks pretty soft and sticky…more of a coconut paste).  I think my brown sugar turned into brittle after I added the coconut and it was just sort of weird in the crepe, if you can imagine a soft crepe filled with really hard nuggets of brown sugar and crisped coconut….yeah…not so good.


Still, even with the textural oddness, the overall flavor profile was really good – lightly sweet crepes, coconut, brown sugar, it’s hard to go wrong there.  I would recommend you following the original recipe here (but you can take a gander at mine for measurement conversions and see some more pictures). 

Oh, a cup of tea goes really nicely with these!

3 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimage


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