Off the Griddle with IHOPapotamus at…Chip’s

Unless she’s changed her schedule, the chief should be publishing this article on Easter Sunday: a time of rebirth, new opportunities, and hope for the future.  And pancakes.


(pic from this blog)

Chip’s Family Restaurant has two locations in Orange and Fairfield, Connecticut.  The one in Fairfield is nominally a diner, and indeed its layout fits with the standard diner set up.  Red carpet, booths, overworked staff, etc.


(from google maps)

While the menu does offer other items, I don’t really see a reason why you would go there for anything other than its very extensive pancake menu.  Buttermilk pancakes.  Coconut Crunch pancakes.  Pina Colada pancakes.  White Chocolate Rendezvous & Fresh Strawberries pancakes.  Gluten free pancakes.  And the list goes on:


(see the full menu!)

I decided to try the basic buttermilk pancakes. Since this was my first time coming to Chip’s, I assumed this basic pancake was probably the foundation on which they altered the recipe to make their more creative pancakes.  If they had mastered the basics, I would be keener on trying their more original fare.

Any misgivings or doubts I had quickly evaporated.  The buttermilk pancakes were amazing.  They were fluffy and light, but also very filling when the meal was over.  The pancakes absorbed the maple syrup without becoming too saturated.  Syrup was a bonus; I ate at least a third of my order without syrup because I liked them that much.


(photo from Chip’s)

When I was a little kid, I remember watching a cartoon where the main character was eating pancakes (although the cartoon might have called them flapjacks).  I don’t recall what the cartoon was about, but I’ll assume it was either Paul Bunyan or Bugs Bunny acting like Paul Bunyan.  Anyways, I remember seeing a stack of flapjacks in the cartoon that seemed like the perfect pancakes.  They were golden-brown, with syrup dripping down from the top, and with a pat of butter placed in the center of the top flapjack.  The main character then ate a stack of 20 in one bite, but that’s kind of beside the point.

(from google images)

What I’m trying to say is that these pancakes are about the closest I’ve come to finding those cartoonishly good pancakes in the real world.  I think these have been my favorite pancakes thus far on this strange endeavor I’ve been engaged in for the past few months.  I will be returning to Chip’s to try out the other pancakes offered on the menu, but for right now I can’t recommend these pancakes enough.

5/5 Paul Bunyans:imageimageimageimage image


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