Mango Lassi Pancakes

I’ll be honest, I do a fair amount of internet/recipebook trolling to get new pancake recipes each week (in fact, I even keep a spreadsheet of all interesting recipes I come across to make sure I keep things fresh!).  Every now and then, though, I come up with something “original” so today, I present you with Mango Lassi Pancakes! Feast!


In case you’re wondering, a lassi is a traditional Indian yogurt-based drink, basically like a thick smoothie.  Mango seems to be the most popular flavor and the smoothie is usually punched up with some spices like cardamom, cumin, or turmeric. So, while these pancakes may look sort of “regular,” they pack a nice little flavor punch.


(some ingredients: orange zest, green cardamom, honey, and mangoes!)

I only used cardamom in my pancakes (no turmeric or cumin), but its flavor is pretty pervasive.  I first make my own cardamom-infused yogurt (based on my basic yogurt recipe).  That yogurt is then part of the pancake base and the yogurt that I use in the mango lassi cream.  I also add some extra ground cardamom into the batter….with all this, though, the cardamom flavor is still pretty mild (definitely there, but mild) – so even if you’re not a huge cardamom fan, you might still like these pancakes!


(infusing cardamom into yogurt)

Oh, some cooking/eating tips?

  • make sure you let the mango lassi cream sit for a bit – it really needs to settle and set up
  • if you let the pancakes and cream sit for a while together (once you’ve assembled them) the cream will get absorbed into the pancakes making them even softer and more moist 
  • definitely garnish with some fresh mango – the pancakes need that textural contrast to really take your mango lassi pancaking to the next level!

Ah yes, and here’s my recipe!

4 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimageimage


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