We Be Chamchi-jammin’

Ok, so listen to this song, and then Cower in the face of my ultimate feast!!!!


Okay, so a mini-feast…but I did make these Korean tuna pancakes (“Chamchijeon”) and supplement them with 6 banchan (5 homemade) and rice…so feast-ish, right? The original recipe is over at Peaches and Donuts.

The Chamchijeon were really good and my roommate and I had a very satisfying dinner out of them.  They were a bit on the salty side (which was tempered by the lettuce and rice) but I left the extra salt out of my recipe.


Oh, so definitely eat these with some rice and wrapped in lettuce (lettuce is optional) but the rice really made these into a meal.  If you’re not a big fan of fish, then you might want to stay away – the “natural” fishiness of the canned tuna is a major flavor in the chamchijeon.


(everything that went into the chamchijeon).

The chamchijeon come together really quickly, you basically just mix everything together and fry up some fishcakes.  The banchan took a little more time, but mostly because I had to plan to let things pickle for an appropriate amount of time.  Banchan are Korean sidedishes (you often get them at Korean bbq restaurants) and I got my banchan ideas mostly from Maangchi.  I ended up serving:

  • quick kimchi
  • japchae
  • mung bean sprouts side dish
  • spinach side dish
  • seaweed salad (I bought this one)
  • quick-pickled carrots and watermelon radishes


(seaweed salad, japchae, quick kimchi)

They all turned out pretty good (the carrots/radishes were insanely salty…they’re still sitting in my fridge guilting me about ruining them with salt) and I would recommend just googling different recipes and figuring out what’s easiest for you to make.


(mung bean sprouts, radish/carrot pickles, spinach)

With extra points for being part of a satisfying meal:

4 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimageimage


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