Off The Griddle With IHOPapotamus at…FIKA NYC!

Hi there, it’s the o.g.pancake enthusiast here (I know, I know, I promised a whole new lineup of ihopapotami and here I am with the first review, but come on, I couldn’t resist!) So, I popped into FIKA NYC this week for a quick lunch.


(map from google maps)

There are actually a few FIKA around the city (I think 5) and I just happened to wander into the FIKA Pearl which is all the way downtown.  Technically FIKA isn’t a pure pancakerie, but the Special Shrimp Crepe I had was pretty dang good.


(photo from my shoddy camera phone)

For my lunch, I ordered a crepe special and a coffee (I think my total was $11-$14 so slightly on the pricey side…but not really for NYC).  The soft crepe was stuffed with a shrimp-light mayo-herb mix, and it came with a spring mix salad with avocado and cherry tomatoes (that I had eaten before I remembered to take a picture – woops!)

The meal was really satisfying, the stuffed crepe was a hefty size and the side salad was a nice counterbalance to the richness of the crepe.  I’ll admit that I’m not a huge mayo fan (and I didn’t realize that the shrimp had a mayo dressing) but I still ate the whole crepe.  On its own, the crepe was pretty plain, but altogether, it was a really delicious meal!


(photo from Midtown Lunch)

The shop itself is really cool, it’s got an all-glass entrance and the inside is really sleek with booths, raised seating, and an espresso bar.  When I went in (around noon) a few booths were full, but by the time I left (around 1 – hey, I take a long lunch), all the seats were taken.  


(photo from citysearch)

In their own words, “Fika is a Swedish verb that roughly translates into taking a coffee break, usually accompanied by something sweet and delicious… .having a fika is an extremely important daily ritual for Swedes who enjoy taking a longer moment to indulge in conversations with friends and colleagues.” That’s totally the atmosphere I got, and by the way, the coffee was REALLY GOOD.


(photo from FIKA)

Aaand, now I know why the characters in all of Stieg Larsson’s books are constantly drinking coffee!  

4 out of 5 Paul Bunyans: imageimageimageimage

(sidenote: all I can hear in my head is “Let’s have a Fika” sung to “Let’s Have A Kiki“…you’re welcome)


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