Dunkin’ Dough-cakes

In honor of National Doughnut Day (this past Friday) and the recent Cronut craze, I decided Think Pancake should get in on the action with some Doughnut Pancakes.

The recipe (originally from Cooking Classy) is really easy to follow and these were a fun plateful to whip up.  The batter is fairly thick (especially after you let it rest) which helps to keep the doughnut shape instead of puddling into your standard pancake circle.  

By the way, these dough-cakes…ARE AWESOME. They taste just like donuts, especially with the glaze, but aren’t overly heavy and won’t make you feel gross afterwards, definitely a winner.  In addition to the glaze, I used whatever toppings I had around the house including some chocolate syrup and chopped walnuts – the chocolate syrup was a bit much for me, I preferred the dough-cakes with just the glaze, but definitely experiment with whatever you have in the kitchen (sprinkles, fruit, etc.)

Oh, and just one cooking tip: the pancakes burned pretty easily, so try to cook them on a low to low-medium heat and monitor them constantly.

4 out of 5 stackies:



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