The Pancakes and the Pea(s)

Behold, savory pea and scallion pancakes topped with smoked salmon.  Get ready for some delicious pancakes…seriously, so good. 

(Get the original recipe and directions from Bon Appetit and my version at my Recipe Box!)

These pancakes sort of remind me of the classic bagel with lox and cream cheese but in pancake form.  There’s a healthy level of saltiness in both the pancakes and the smoked salmon that makes the flavor of the fresh peas pop.

The pancake process itself is very straightforward but instead of using frozen peas, when I saw fresh peas at the grocery store, I decided to shell my own.  I confess that I used to (and still do) love Anne of Green Gables, and I remember several passages where she would be shelling peas or picking them for stones, or something equally Green Gable-y, so I was pretty excited to shell these peas. My second confession is that I did enjoy shelling peas and I definitely pretended to be Anne while I was doing it…

The only thing I can think of to “improve” these pancakes would be to add more scallions – but I’m sort of a scallion-fanatic so a normal person would probably be perfectly happy with the level of scallion in the recipe as-is.

4.25 out of 5 stackies: 


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