Off the Griddle with Ihopapotamus at…Meli-Melo

Full disclosure in two parts: I am the vaunted C, of “my roommate C” fame. Also, I used to work at the place I will be reviewing.


Meli-Melo is a creperie in Greenwich, CT. If you count crepes as pancakes, then this place is very committed to the cause. It has savory, sweet, and the notorious flambe. Back in the old days it was a tiny speck of a restaurant with 10 tables, but it expanded a few years ago so you can bring all your crepe-loving friends. 

When I worked here I obviously built a repertoire of favorite crepes; when it came time to write a review, I had trouble deviating from what I know and love, so I ordered the classic Spring crepe:
This crepe is a tricked-out version of their classic ham-and-cheese, with the addition of asparagus, artichoke and some mesclun salad. The crepe has a nice nutty buckwheat flavor, the cheese is present without being overwhelming, and the ham is better than your average supermarket ham and adds a nice salty touch. The homemade vinaigrette on their salads is one of my dream salad dressings. My only suggestions would be to increase the number of asparagus spears and to use fresh artichokes instead of marinated.
I cannot leave a fair review of Meli-Melo without mentioning all the other great things going on there in addition to the crepes. They have a rotating menu of homemade soups and they are pretty much all delicious. Their French onion is the standard against which I judge all others, and M is obsessed with their mushroom barley. Their croque monsieur is where you want to go for a cheese overload (in the best possible way). They also make their own ice creams and sorbets; their mint chocolate chip actually tastes like MINT and not toothpaste. Yes, you can get a scoop of ice cream (or two or three) on top of a crepe. They have a juicer and you can get almost any combo of fruits and vegetables imaginable. I wasn’t sure if this counted as a “drink special” so I didn’t get anything. Also they are BYOB so no mimosas will be made from their delicious fresh-pressed orange juice.

All in all, nostalgia may be getting to me but I think Meli-Melo is a worthy pitstop for any crepe-head. I worked there six days a week for about two months (woo summer job) and one of the perks included bringing dinner home every night. Between the expansive menu and the care that went into the ingredients and preparation, I can honestly say that I never got sick of the food. And neither will you!
4.25 out of 5 Paul Bunyans: imageimageimageimageimage


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