Happy Inde-pancake Day!

Hey All, I hope you had a Happy 4th of July weekend (preferably pancake-filled)! I was trying to go for a subtle red-white-and-blue pancake this week and I think I did it!

These are my take on German Kirschpfannkuchen (German cherry pancakes).  They’re perfect for using up leftovers because the batter base is old rolls (crazy, right?) and you can put almost any fruit in them.  The classic uses cherries, but I used blueberries and cherries in mine – delicious!

(rolls softening in water for the batter)

I saw different versions of the original recipe, but they were all pretty barebones.  Hopefully, my version adds some clarity so you won’t be quite as confused as I was when making these! 

(the batter)

The pancakes themselves were pretty glutinous, which makes sense since they’re mostly made up of disintegrated rolls.  They’re also not too sweet, so the bursts of flavor you get from the cherries and blueberries really stand out and the cinnamon-sugar sprinkle kick the flavor up to just the right level.

This batter was definitely one of the most unique batters I’ve ever made, so I would recommend you try this recipe out, if only to say you’ve done it!  If you do, keep these cooking tips in mind:

  • Just make sure to cook these on a medium-low heat because they take awhile to cook all the way through;
  • Keep mixing your batter while you’re cooking the pancakes so that it doesn’t separate;
  • Pat your berries/cherries dry before you add them so that not too much excess water gets in.

3.5 out of 5 stackies: 


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