Oysters On A Half Shell, Pancake Power!

I don’t actually remember eating Taiwanese Oyster Pancakes very often when I was little, but I remember hearing about them a lot.  They were one of my sister’s favorites and when we visited Taiwan, they were a frequently purchased item from the night-markets.

I vaguely recall not actually liking these pancakes at all (I think it was the sauce), but I decided to give them a second chance and I was happy to change my opinion on them. The pancakes are almost more like omelets but with a completely different texture from the potato starch used in the recipe.

(the original recipe is from chezpei and my annotated one is here)

The pancakes are mildly savory with a fairly strong oyster taste coming through.  The inside and middle are soft and a little gooey while the outer edges get nice and crispy.  The sauce was still a little too sweet for me.  I like to use just a dab of sauce for each piece of pancake, but if you buy these from a restaurant, they’ll come slathered in sauce.

A few cooking notes:

  • use a non-stick pan…believe me, it’s just so much easier
  • I used fresh oysters, but the recipe says that frozen ones work just as well
  • a-cai is sometimes called “Taiwanese lettuce” – you should be able to find it at any Asian grocery store

3.5 out of 5 stackies: 


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