Tea and Crumpets

Yes, yes, I’m claiming crumpets for the pancake party.  Deal with it.  After all, they are small bready cakes cooked in a pan!

Crumpets are a bit like English muffins except that they’re only cooked on one side and there aren’t quite so many nooks and crannies.  (See what I did over at my Recipe Box and take a gander at the original recipe from King Arthur flour).  

The crumpets definitely have a slightly savory quality, but I thought they were delicious with a light coat of butter and a drizzle of honey.  Mmm mmm, just thinking about them makes me want to make more.  I also tried them with peanut butter, plain, salted butter, and an assortment of jams and jellies, but the butter and honey was definitely the best.  Oh, and paired with tea, these might be the ultimate snack.  I snarfed down at least 3 in less than 2 minutes…not very ladylike, I’m afraid.

The crumpets do take a bit of time to cook so if you’re in a rush, these may not be the pancakes for you.  Also, don’t worry if you don’t have crumpet molds – a lot of recipes say you can use biscuit cutters or cleaned out tuna cans, I just used the tops of some ball jars.

4.25 out of 5 stackies: 


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