Off the Griddle with Ihopapotamus at…The Forum

This Ihopapotamus has a confession to make: I don’t actually like pancakes all that much.  It’s just that I don’t eat them very much, and when I go out to breakfast, I have some favorites that I tend to stick with (potatoes and bacon) However, I do love this pancake blog so I wanted to do my part and review pancakes at my regular breakfast place here in Fredericksburg, VA, The Forum.


(from google maps)

It’s a very home cooking kind of place and I had never had their pancakes (aka “hotcakes”) before but I really liked them!  


I got the regular pancakes with butter and syrup (they came in a stack of 3).  And I really liked them.  They came out piping hot and with a crispy edge, but were maybe a bit too plain, I wish there had been more options (preferably a pecan pancake) but for plain pancakes, I thought they were really good.


The pancakes were on the thinner side, which I like, and not too doughy (which is why I usually don’t like pancakes).  Also, the pancakes were nice and brown and crisp on both sides.  People tend to underestimate that the second side of the pancake needs to be brown too!


While maybe not the most memorable or snazzy pancakes I’ve seen/had, the pancakes were good, not too thin or thick, and the right density.

3.5 out of 5 Paul Bunyans: image


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