“Coffee, the favorite drink of the civilized world.” – Thomas Jefferson*

If you’re anything like me, you have to have a cup of coffee everyday.  In fact, I have a mildly-OCD coffee schedule which I won’t give you the details of, but suffice it to say, I gets my caffeine.

(image from declaud dot com)

So, when I saw this recipe for coffee pancakes from A Cozy Kitchen, I knew I had to try it. (Get my version here)  Armed with (but of course) a cup of coffee.

Overall, I was a little underwhelmed.  The consistency of the pancakes was okay, but were a little soggy.  Also, the coffee flavor actually tasted more bitter and a little burnt than anything else.  I’ve also realized that while I can tolerate drinking instant coffee, eating it in pancakes is just not my thing.

If I had to reimagine these, I think I’d try to make a hazelnut latte pancake, or maybe even pumpkin spice.  Bear with me, you’re witnessing a pancake creation happening at this moment, but I’m thinking a very fluffy pancake (maybe the vegan ones?), stacked with layers of a lightly sweetened freshly whipped cream, and chopped hazelnuts, or cocoa nibs.  Mmmm, that may have to happen IMMINENTLY.

2.5 out of 5 stackies:

 *Not so punny, I know, but I went to UVA, and if I graduated with nothing else, it’s an uncontrollable urge to slap quotes from TJ on anything and everything.  


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