I’ll have the….Chipper Chicken

If you don’t know what the chipper chicken is, then you definitely have a hole in your movie-viewing experience.  Here’s the scene it’s from, and if you don’t want to watch the whole clip, the relevant line is around 3:34.  

So these are Corn Crepes filled with bbq chicken.  They’re modeled off of this recipe for Michael Symon‘s famous corn crepes with homemade bbq duck confit…but I was feeling lazy and cheap so bottled bbq sauce and chicken for the SYTYCP household.

Overall, the flavor was excellent (and I’m sure with the bbq duck confit, it would’ve been even more amazing).  You could really taste the corn, bell peppers, and scallions and they made for pretty interesting crepes, all on their own.

WIth the bbq chicken, this was definitely a satisfying meal.  I will say that the crepes were very soft and I couldn’t get them very thin, I maybe should’ve made the batter a little thinner, but as I confessed earlier, I was being lazy.

I’m not sure what would’ve made these pancakes better besides following Symon’s recipe even closer, I may have to try remaking these because I really thought they would be AMAZING, whereas they turned out just, “good.”

3.5 out of 5 stackies: 


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